Quay Cameras supply POV / mini cameras and solutions specifically selected for their suitability for use in broadcast TV, film and advertising productions.

Our product range centres around the IO Industries range of cameras, including their industry leading Victorem 4KSDI-Mini 4K/UHD global shutter camera head.

The staff at Quay Cameras have wide ranging real-world experience in Broadcast TV, Film and Advertising. We’ve rigged cameras into cars for Top Gear, flown drones over the heads of League of Their Own, captured the Williams F1 pit stop in glorious slow motion, sat at the bottom of a swimming pool filming Tom Daley diving in from above. We’ve spent half the night wrangling data in a smoked filled yurt in Outer Mongolia, struggled to get microwave transmission links working on a volcanic glacier in the Chilean Andes.

We know that there’s nothing special in any of the above, it’s nothing more than the daily bread and butter for somebody working in the camera department.

However, it does mean the we understand the types of challenges you face on a day to day basis ie trying to capture post-production friendly high-quality footage in unique and inventive ways, all too often with limited time, budget and resources, whilst working in demanding environments.

When you ask us what camera solution we recommend, our answer wont just encompass the latest and greatest technology. We’ll also try our best to understand and address your specific application; how will it will be rigged and powered, how to record and manage the footage, how to sync between different cameras and sound, what lens design will suit your specific requirements.

Give us a call, see if there’s anything in our portfolio of products that can make your life easier, or if we can help you find a solution to that evasive problem.