IO Industries Flare 2KSDI

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The Flare™ 2KSDI is built to be completely flexible, yet small enough to fit into a range of specialty applications for both broadcast and cinema. The camera is built on IO Industries’ years of experience with industrial cameras, yet packs in the flexible color processing and optics support required by video professionals. Weighing in at 310g, the 2KSDI is no larger than an average apple. With its solid aluminum housing and flexible lensing options, the 2KSDI quickly becomes known as “the tough little camera that could” on most shoots. Though some professional mini-cams require a separate camera control unit, all of the 2KSDI’s functions can be set directly on the camera head.

Output Formats

The Flare 2KSDI supports Single-Link HD-SDI output formats such as 720p, 1080p, 1080i and 2K. Single-Link 3G-SDI formats are supported as well, including 1080p and 2K. A tri-level sync input is available for 3D and Genlock capabilities.

2KSDI Raw Mode

Using the RAW feature of the 2KSDI camera allows for more flexibility and leads to higher image quality in your post workflow. Using a high-powered CPU to process the RAW video makes is possible for the use of higher performing debayer, sharpening, gamma, and color processing filters. This feature saves storage space, as the DVR only needs to store the monochrome frames and not the full color images. Savings to power consumption may also be attributed, as high-powered image processing is not needed on-camera, on-DVR, or even on-site.

Multiple Modes

The 2KSDI can travel where other cameras can’t, yet it can also speak the language when it gets there. The camera can be configured in full 2K RAW for digitial cinema one day, then 4:2:2 interlaced for live broadcast the next. All of this is configured from an easy to use on-screen display with the small handheld remote, or by attaching an RS485 cable for long distance control. Enable the OSD overlay on the first output using the optional handheld remote. The second output stays clean for applications where a separate feed without OSD is needed.

Lens Mounts

The Flare 2KSDI camera uses a C-mount which allows many lens options. EF-mount and several C-mount adapters are available for different lens mount types, including PL-mount, B4-mount, F-mount and K-mount. EF-mount lenses can be attached to the 2KSDI camera and controlled by using the 2KSDI EF Lens Mount. This enables the user to control the focus and aperture settings from the remote.

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